Helping each child along the Stepping Stones of their own unique journey towards a brighter future

Brimble Hill School

Brimble Hill School

Who helps us?

We are supported by an essential group of Health Authority staff who help us deliver the special approach to education, which the school seeks to provide.

 School Nurse

An increasing number of our children require a lot of medical support in addition to their educational needs.  A programme of training for medical procedures and writing of care plans as well as liaising with families is undertaken by the school nurse.


Are in school various times during the week.  They devise and monitor programmes for our pupils’ physical progress and organise specialist equipment for pupils who need it.

Occupational Therapists

Are in school various times during the week.  They provide support and organise specialist equipment for our pupils for seating and other areas to help pupils have greater access to their environment.

 Speech and Language Therapist

Work within class groups, on a regular basis.  They can also offer additional help with communication, eating and drinking.

 Educational Psychologist

Visits school for some phase transfer reviews and at the request of the Head Teacher or parents to monitor and assess students.

 Teacher for the Visually Impaired

Comes into school at various times to help and support the part time teaching assistant who works with pupils with visual impairment.  She  helps to design individual programmes for pupils and completes assessment if necessary.

 Peripatetic Teacher for the Hearing Impaired

Comes into school at various times and supports our work with pupils with hearing impairments.  They may also work with some pupils or carry out assessments.

Much of the work carried out by our support professionals goes on in the classroom, however the Multi Agency Unit we share with our Secondary Special School partners, UplandsSchool, has specialist rooms for clinical use.