Helping each child along the Stepping Stones of their own unique journey towards a brighter future

Brimble Hill School

Brimble Hill School

School Staff

Head Teacher

Alison Paul

Deputy Head

Lucy Golder

Assistant Head

Liz Fewings


Katy Berry - Music

Hayley Pearce

Katie Ferns

Rachael Foster

Louise Fraser

Annabel Phiri

Hayley Jones

Nikki Keech

Anna Kingsbury

Kat Marshall

Maisie Saunders

Katy Tolley

Kelly Winter

Amber White

PPA Cover:-


Nikki Keech

Teaching Assistants

Rebecca Blackford

Sally Boatwright

 Donna Brown

Sharon Brown

Maddie Brown

Abigail Bond

Jo Bowen



Catherine Chrich

Maria Coles

Pauline Cooper

Tina Curtis

Kerry-ann Curtis


Kerry Dixon

Georgia Dhillon 

Jules Edwards 

Gwyn Fisher

Sharon Fishlock

Karen Fletcher

Tiana Francis

Shelly Frederick

Zara French

Yvonne Goodenough

Lucy Hawkins

Rachel Howell

Leigh Hutton

Jan Janes

 Elinor Keene

Casey Kay

Tracy Kinsella

Kate Lee

Lisa Legg

Tia Manning

Adam Mayo

Mary Minnear

Sharon Mundy

Imogen Pai

Teresa Page

Sophie Rawlings

Jennie Reeves

Deb Shortell

Jenny Smith

 Loren Wade

Tracey Warren

Megan Webster

Sophie Warrington

Office Administrator

Admin Assistant

Tricia Lecointe

Marina McCubbin

Receptionist/Admin Assistant

Sharon Lee