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Brimble Hill School

Brimble Hill School

PE Grant/Sports Premium Funding

What is the PE and Sports Grant?

The PE and Sports Grant is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to improve physical education and sports in Primary schools. This money can only be spent on sport and PE provision.

Each school receives £16,000 and £10 per pupil based on the school census data.

How does this affect and impact on Brimble Hill School?

The Sports Premium is used within Brimble Hill School to support engagement and achievement of all pupils, following our inclusive ethos.

The principles underlying our use of this grant are that we want:

  • All pupils to engage with movement and physical activity in ways which ensure that they benefit from their education in all senses.
  • That the staff working with our children are as highly skilled in teaching sports and physical development as possible.
  • That we endeavour to provide a wide variety of sporting and physical activities to all our pupils.


Here are some of the ways that the PE Grant/Sports Premium Funding has been used to enhance our offer at Brimble Hill:

  • Cover has been provided for the PE Co-ordinator to organise events and activities including attending inter-school and county sports competitions with groups of pupils from across the school.
  • The school provides additional staff cover for events to ensure that pupils are able to attend and participate in events. Most years we aim to take part in the 'Panathlon - South West Region, 'Best of the Best' at Stoke Mandeville.
  • We employ a rebound therapist for one morning a week to provide rebound therapy to a group of pupils who struggle to access more traditional PE sessions. We also employ a dance therapist to deliver sessions to a group of pupils across the school, again those who struggle to access more traditional PE sessions.
  • During lunch times we provide pupils with the opportunity to use tricycles, scooters and go-karts, which all need to be maintained replaced periodically due to wear and tear.

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, there have been limited opportunities over the past 18 months for pupils to participate in external events or for external coaches to come into school therefore sports premium funding has been used to extend physical activity opportunities for children within school, particularly outdoors due to COVID restrictions.

This has included using funding to:

  • Purchase waterproof clothing, so that children can engage in outdoor physical activities in all weathers.
  • Purchase sports equipment for children to use in outdoor spaces e.g. football goal, tricycles.
  • Enhance outdoor spaces to promote physical activity i.e. through creating a cycle track with road signs


Future plans Include:


  • Continue with Rebound and Dance Therapy
  • Employ a member of staff to deliver Balanceability sessions
  • Develop access to a wider range of sports off-site, including sailing, rock climbing, trampolining and scooting
  • Further develop inter-school competitive sports events including participation with regional events
  • Continue to source external providers to deliver one-off experiences in a variety of different areas
  • Continue to enhance access to sports and physical activity outdoors through purchasing outdoor speakers and ipods with a music streaming service and outdoor trampettes