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Brimble Hill School

Brimble Hill School

Admission arrangements

Extract taken from SBC parents’ booklet


Brief Description

The following criteria will be used to determine if a pupil is to be referred to this special school and the pupils must meet all these criteria.  Each pupil must:


  • have a statement of SEN or be under statutory assessment
  • have profound, multiple and/or severe learning difficulties and may have other difficulties including social, communication and interaction difficulties, medical difficulties and physical disabilities;
  • be aged from aged 2 to 11 years i.e. up to Year 6
  • have needs that cannot be met at the stage of referral by a full time placement in a mainstream school
  • be placed with full consultation with parents


Pupils have a full entitlement to the National Curriculum, which is modified to meet individual needs.  Individual learning programmes may include required therapies, e.g. speech and language, occupational or physiotherapy.  Pupils will also have access to Alternative Augmentative Communication Systems and technology to support learning as appropriate.  A strong emphasis is placed on home school liaison.  A detailed prospectus is available from the school.


Admission Criteria

The LEA is the placing/admitting authority.  Decisions on placement are made through SENRAP (Special Educational Needs Resources and Assessment Panel.)


  • Pupils will normally have a SEN (Statement of Special Educational Needs) which specifies their needs are severe or profound and require provision available in a special school staffed for pupils with Severe/Profound needs. Some children may take up a place in the Nursery or Yr R while a statutory assessment is completed.  The type of school appropriate is always named at the outcome of Statutory Assessment.


Schools Criteria for allocating time

Pupils who are admitted into the Early Years class, will initially attend on a part time basis.  Pupils who are N1 (3 in the academic year) will be offered up to 3 sessions.  N2 (4 in the academic year) Pupils will be offered 5 half day placements.  YR R pupils (5 in the academic year) will be offered a full time place.  Parents will be able to negotiate the timescale in which this is achieved.

Where parents request additional time outside these criterion help will be provided in exceptional circumstances or in preparation for full time attendance but only after negotiation with the Head and Class teacher.

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