Brunel Academies Trust


Pupil Sickness

Could we politely remind parents about the importance of following the Public Health of England Guidance (which Swindon Borough Council expect all schools to follow) when it comes to pupils being sick. This is not a policy which is in place just at Brimble Hill but is expected at all schools in the County. Over the past few weeks, we have had a number of students and staff off due to sickness and diarrhoea who need to follow the 48 hour away from school rule.

As a Special Needs School we have a number of pupils with serious medical conditions that make them very vulnerable so following the guidance is vital. We would like to thank all our families for understanding this and for thinking of the health and wellbeing of our students.


Calpol Use

Please can we remind you that if your child is unwell and you have had to administer Calpol/nurofen before school, then in the best interests of your child it is advisable to keep your child home so you can monitor the situation and see if they are fit to return. Often we find children who have had Calpol before school are still not fit for school and end up having to go home.


Prescribed Antibiotics

We often get asked if children can come to school if they are being prescribed antibiotics. The answer is yes, however, we ask that they remain off school for 48 hours after starting the medication to give your child time for the drugs to get into their system and to monitor whether it affects their tummy. It is expected that the medication will be given at home before school, after school and bedtime. Thank you for your cooperation.

We thank you for your continued co-operation